Quality above
everything else!

Health and safety are Bivit’s top priorities, and this does not just mean obeying the law but going a step further and obtaining the most prestigious quality certifications.

Our products are continuously subjected to quality control by independent external laboratories. We are committed to the expert and proper use of additives, preventing pollutants, preventative measures against bacterial contamination, and many other facets, and we also use an in-house control system that is validated by external experts.

  • Bivit is certified for GMP+FSA modules B1 and B4
  • Bivit is approved by QS
  • In accordance with the BEFEMA specifications, all Bivit products are of vegetable origin
  • Bivit adheres to the BEFEMA (the Belgian Compound Feed Industry Association) specifications for good manufacturing practices for soy
  • Bivit is certified for the GMP + FRA module MI103 "Trade in responsible animal feed milk".
  • All Bivit products are antibiotics free according to GMP+FSA BCN-NL1