Healthier piglets

Feed makes up a large part of total cost price per pig, and so the composition of your pig feed and the resulting yield require a great deal of attention. Our premixes support large litters, increase the potential of piglets and ultimately guarantee tasty and ethical meat, each and every time.


Bivit has developed a multi-phase sow programme in which nutrition is aligned with the needs of the sow by modulating the feed requirements and the choice of starting materials and additives. The number of phases is determined according to options available to you. Our sow programme is based on ten years of research involving different types in a variety of regions.


The Bivit starter programme was created to guide piglets through the first weeks of their lives on the way to becoming healthy pigs. We provide tasty and balanced feeds for use in the farrowing pen, which are a supplement to the sow’s milk, and which also ensures that weaning progresses smoothly. A weaning and growth starter completes the picture. Our starter programme enables pig-breeders to exploit the growth potential of a piglet to a maximum degree in a safe manner.  

We focus on optimal growth and feed conversion.

Pork pigs

The programme for pork pigs focuses on optimal growth and feed conversion, while retaining meat and carcass quality. For this purpose we have created concentrate feeds that contain an optimum energy level, amino acid pattern and mineral content in the final formula. We take into account genetics, feed management and your farm’s health status.

  • Sows give birth without stress and secrete milk easily
  • A fundamentally higher birth-rate – up to three additional piglets per sow per year
  • Higher yield and top quality meat from pigs raised for meat