Nutritional advice
On site and customised

Our targeted nutritional approach gives you an optimal response to every scenario, always perfectly customised. Bivit’s holistic vision means that we not only focus on your animals’ feed rations, we also consider the animal’s environment. That’s because a well-balanced diet and a suitable environment are the key to a healthy livestock population and higher yield.

A feed management plan?
A unique partnership for a unique formula!

  • Our engineers go on site to chart your operation’s needs and requirements. In doing this we take into account the environment, your stabling and the specific conditions under which your livestock live.
  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of your resources – whether the basic feed is maize, wheat, rapeseed or something else, whether you have grass or maize silage, or any other factors.
  • We pinpoint the ideal feed rations at the various stages of production.
  • The results of our concentrate feeds on animal performance are closely tracked.
  • This allows us to continuously optimise the formula and make our product even more perfectly suited to your needs.

Healthier piglets

Bivit premixes support larger litters, increase the potential of piglets and guarantee tasty and ethical meat.

A calf every year

Cows are guaranteed to calve again at a higher rate and with improved milk production. Beef cattle grow excellently, and the meat is ultimately tastier.

Healthy poultry

Bivit guarantees higher egg production, improved hatchability and stronger chicks. Our concentrate feeds also improve the quality of the eggs and the meat.

High-performance horse power

When you use our feed mix you will have fertile mares, virile semen from your stallions and healthy foals.